4126 Commits (1eab53ee1030542a5c4c56203a61eecae9768131)

Author SHA1 Message Date
unarist 1eab53ee10 Fix an error when actor json couldn't be fetched in ResolveRemoteAccountService (#4979) 5 years ago
BruWalfas 7be3131240 So Spanish. Much changes. Wow. (#4976) 5 years ago
Akihiko Odaki 198a9a4fa4 Remove local_only scope in Status (#4977) 5 years ago
unarist ec36df97c4 Escape URL parts on formatting local status (#4975) 5 years ago
Mingye Wang c8969dca35 Minor Chinese check & jsx addition (#4973) 5 years ago
Lynx Kotoura 1e3b1d7211 Adjust landing pages 2 (#4967) 5 years ago
unarist 0698c610a6 Fix an error in ReplyDistributionWorker when replied status was deleted (#4974) 5 years ago
ふぁぼ原 629fae8b3b correct URL pattern used in text length counter in WebUI (#4968) 5 years ago
unarist c30e6433de Fix AP serialization error when thread is missing (#4970) 5 years ago
Naoki Kosaka cea5597722 Fix hasSize condition in secSet and sizes. (#4969) 5 years ago
Akihiko Odaki 48d77ea1eb Fix filterable_languages method of SettingsHelper (#4966) 5 years ago
Eugen Rochko efec507230 Bump to 1.6.1 5 years ago
Eugen Rochko 54edb4b853 When accessing uncached media attachment, redownload it (#4955) 5 years ago
unarist 6c81f9d6e5 Fix invisible load more button (#4962) 5 years ago
Eugen Rochko 472df24579 When web UI URL used while logged out, redirect to static page (#4954) 5 years ago
Eugen Rochko 0d1215e82f Remove redundant width/height values from SVGs to fix Safari bug (#4956) 5 years ago
Anna e só e77cc032c2 l10n: PT-BR translation updated (#4953) 5 years ago
sdukhovni 67559361e8 Add scheduled worker to purge old user IPs (#4951) 5 years ago
ThibG 4a73615193 Fix race condition when receiving an ActivityPub Create multiple times (#4930) 5 years ago
Yamagishi Kazutoshi bdcc9e2ceb Add missing Japanese translations (#4947) 5 years ago
ふぁぼ原 3816943e6b Enable to recognize most kinds of characters as URL paths (#4941) 5 years ago
Masoud Abkenar b39d512ade l10n: update Persian translation (#4946) 5 years ago
Eugen Rochko 04046a4983 Fix #4908 - Do not keep remote file names, generate random (#4934) 5 years ago
unarist a4c500176b Include requested URL into the message on network errors (#4945) 5 years ago
abcang 1aad015bbb Revert unique retry job (#4937) 5 years ago
m4sk1n 94fba44eec i18n: Update Polish translation (#4942) 5 years ago
Jeroen 721460a59b Another Dutch language update (#4944) 5 years ago
Naf 45b595cdca Add Japanese translate for #4911 (#4943) 5 years ago
Quent-in aad3df6afc l10n update OC/FR video redesign (#4938) 5 years ago
N氏 1023f52eaa Add Japanese translate for #4913 (#4936) 5 years ago
Eugen Rochko 596dab06e9 Support OpenGraph video embeds (#4897) 5 years ago
Eugen Rochko 4f0597d579 Give video player fluid max-width (#4935) 5 years ago
Eugen Rochko 2bbf987a0a Redesign video player (#4911) 5 years ago
ThibG af00220d79 Fix refollowing (#4931) 5 years ago
Eugen Rochko 9239e4ce4d Uploads for admin site settings (#4913) 5 years ago
m4sk1n 06f26e09b4 i18n: Update Polish translation (#4929) 5 years ago
Jeroen 331263270b Updating Dutch translation (#4927) 5 years ago
MitarashiDango 283a5ec1a4 fix share intent. (#4926) 5 years ago
ThibG 550ff677da Fix ActivityPub handling of replies with WEB_DOMAIN (#4895) (#4904) 5 years ago
nullkal da77f65c46 Add instance search feature (#4925) 5 years ago
nullkal 9e2ff3ef71 Make instance names in into links to user list in the instance (#4924) 5 years ago
Eugen Rochko b9d241c6f5 Fix #4917 - Add missing suspend checks (#4921) 5 years ago
Eugen Rochko 56af04dbb4 Fix #4918 - Limit pinned toots to 5 (#4923) 5 years ago
abcang 60944d5dca Fix height cache (#4909) 5 years ago
Daigo 3 Dango 081f907f90 Specify libicu explicitly in Aptfile (#4920) 5 years ago
ThibG f29918e707 [WiP] Whenever a remote keypair changes, unfollow them and re-subscribe to … (#4907) 5 years ago
unarist af10c9fbff Add section for protocol specific information on the admin page (#4910) 5 years ago
Eugen Rochko 8f8e677630 Clean up and improve generated OpenGraph tags (#4901) 5 years ago
Eugen Rochko 4931eac280 Fix nil error for old toots that don't have a conversation (#4900) 5 years ago
Eugen Rochko 881856553e Fix #4894 - Merge context hash into final JSON hash after key transform (#4898) 5 years ago