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unarist 1eab53ee10 Fix an error when actor json couldn't be fetched in ResolveRemoteAccountService (#4979)
* Fix an error when actor json couldn't be fetched in ResolveRemoteAccountService

* Add specs
2017-09-17 11:54:23 +02:00
BruWalfas 7be3131240 So Spanish. Much changes. Wow. (#4976) 2017-09-17 18:16:43 +09:00
Akihiko Odaki 198a9a4fa4 Remove local_only scope in Status (#4977) 2017-09-17 05:29:43 +02:00
unarist ec36df97c4 Escape URL parts on formatting local status (#4975) 2017-09-16 21:33:52 +02:00
Mingye Wang c8969dca35 Minor Chinese check & jsx addition (#4973)
* zh-*: transition from "like" back to "fav"

This commit reverts the translation for the yellow-star "fav" button
back to "fav" in Chinese. Some ambuiguity between "like" and "fav" is
deliberately used in zh-TW/HK by using the existing phrase "最爱"
(favorite (adj.), lit. love-most) instead of "收藏" (favourite (v.),
"collect") in some instances.

Fixes #3511.

* zh-*: apply suggestions for PR #4557

* zh-cn: de-monetize ya account

In Chinese two separate characters, 账 and 帐, can be used to spell the
word for account (账/帐户). However, the one with a 贝 on the left is
evolved from the latter specifically for monetary purposes. Since
people usually can't figure out which one to use, it might be a good
idea to use the original not-so-money one.

* zh-*: complete jsx translation
2017-09-16 18:48:38 +02:00
Lynx Kotoura 1e3b1d7211 Adjust landing pages 2 (#4967)
* Adjust landing pages 2

Fix styles of terms page
Remove action buttons from timeline in about page
Adjust styles of short description
Adjust form inputs
Set autocomplete off for username and email box in registration form. Remove line breakings.

* Revert removing action buttons
2017-09-16 18:39:11 +02:00
unarist 0698c610a6 Fix an error in ReplyDistributionWorker when replied status was deleted (#4974)
Reply distribution is proceed by Sidekiq, so replied status may be deleted before this.
2017-09-16 18:18:00 +02:00
ふぁぼ原 629fae8b3b correct URL pattern used in text length counter in WebUI (#4968) 2017-09-16 15:01:15 +02:00
unarist c30e6433de Fix AP serialization error when thread is missing (#4970)
`Status#reply?` may returns true even if the thread is missing.
e.g. the replied status was deleted or couldn't be fetched.

Then it raises NoMethodError on various AP json serialization.

This issue won't happen on Atom serialization because it checks thread
existence using `StreamEntry#threaded?` instead.
2017-09-16 15:00:36 +02:00
Naoki Kosaka cea5597722 Fix hasSize condition in secSet and sizes. (#4969) 2017-09-16 15:00:01 +02:00
Akihiko Odaki 48d77ea1eb Fix filterable_languages method of SettingsHelper (#4966) 2017-09-16 14:59:41 +02:00
Eugen Rochko efec507230 Bump to 1.6.1 2017-09-16 03:08:29 +02:00
Eugen Rochko 54edb4b853 When accessing uncached media attachment, redownload it (#4955)
* When accessing uncached media attachment, redownload it

* Prevent re-download of rejected media
2017-09-16 03:01:45 +02:00
unarist 6c81f9d6e5 Fix invisible load more button (#4962)
* Fix behavior while the button is invisible
e.g. pointer cursor, couldn't open contextmenu
* Avoid rendering the button to remove blank space if no more items are available or no items are rendered
2017-09-16 00:32:43 +02:00
Eugen Rochko 472df24579 When web UI URL used while logged out, redirect to static page (#4954) 2017-09-15 00:57:08 +02:00
Eugen Rochko 0d1215e82f Remove redundant width/height values from SVGs to fix Safari bug (#4956) 2017-09-15 00:51:00 +02:00
Anna e só e77cc032c2 l10n: PT-BR translation updated (#4953)
* now fully translated

* pt-BR.json now fully translated

* pt-BR.yml partially translated; 46 lines left

* pt-BR.yml now fully translated

* fully translated

* now fully translated

* E-mail instructions on app/views/user_mailer added and fully translated

* PT-BR translation for #4871

* Deleted an unwanted caracter on pt-BR.yml

* Fixing typos on pt-BR.yml

* Added translation for Pinned toots tab on pt-BR.json

* Added missing translation for navigation_bar.pins

* Fixed spelling on pt-BR.yml

* Update pt-BR.json
2017-09-15 00:02:38 +02:00
sdukhovni 67559361e8 Add scheduled worker to purge old user IPs (#4951)
* Add scheduled worker to purge old user IPs

* Use ruby 1.9 hash syntax
2017-09-14 22:26:38 +02:00
ThibG 4a73615193 Fix race condition when receiving an ActivityPub Create multiple times (#4930)
* Fix race condition when receiving an ActivityPub Create multiple times

* Use a RedisLock to avoid concurrent processing of a same Create activity
2017-09-14 22:26:22 +02:00
Yamagishi Kazutoshi bdcc9e2ceb Add missing Japanese translations (#4947) 2017-09-14 18:03:34 +02:00
ふぁぼ原 3816943e6b Enable to recognize most kinds of characters as URL paths (#4941) 2017-09-14 18:03:20 +02:00
Masoud Abkenar b39d512ade l10n: update Persian translation (#4946) 2017-09-15 00:13:38 +09:00
Eugen Rochko 04046a4983 Fix #4908 - Do not keep remote file names, generate random (#4934) 2017-09-14 16:41:59 +02:00
unarist a4c500176b Include requested URL into the message on network errors (#4945) 2017-09-14 16:12:50 +02:00
abcang 1aad015bbb Revert unique retry job (#4937)
* Revert "Enable UniqueRetryJobMiddleware even when called from sidekiq worker (#4836)"

This reverts commit 6859d4c028.

* Revert "Do not execute the job with the same arguments as the retry job (#4814)"

This reverts commit be7ffa2d75.
2017-09-14 15:12:43 +02:00
m4sk1n 94fba44eec i18n: Update Polish translation (#4942)
* i18n: Update Polish translation

Signed-off-by: Marcin Mikołajczak <>

* i18n: Update Polish translation

Signed-off-by: Marcin Mikołajczak <>

* Update pl.yml
2017-09-14 21:58:48 +09:00
Jeroen 721460a59b Another Dutch language update (#4944)
* Update nl.json

* Update nl.yml

* Update nl.json
2017-09-14 21:52:47 +09:00
Naf 45b595cdca Add Japanese translate for #4911 (#4943) 2017-09-14 18:20:04 +09:00
Quent-in aad3df6afc l10n update OC/FR video redesign (#4938)
* l10n update for Redesign video player (#4911)

* Update videp

* Update

I hope this time format works well.

* One missing string

* Update time format

I'd like the complete name of the month in the Long format and the short one in the short format.
I hope it works now
2017-09-14 16:32:14 +09:00
N氏 1023f52eaa Add Japanese translate for #4913 (#4936) 2017-09-14 12:25:18 +09:00
Eugen Rochko 596dab06e9 Support OpenGraph video embeds (#4897)
* Support OpenGraph video embeds

It's not really OpenGraph, it's twitter:player property, but it's
not OEmbed so that fits. For example, this allows Twitch clips to
be displayed as embeds.

Also, fixes glitch-soc/mastodon#135

* Fix invalid OpenGraph cards being saved through attaching and
revisit URLs after 14 days
2017-09-14 04:11:36 +02:00
Eugen Rochko 4f0597d579 Give video player fluid max-width (#4935) 2017-09-14 04:03:00 +02:00
Eugen Rochko 2bbf987a0a Redesign video player (#4911)
* Redesign video player

* Use new video player on static public pages too

* Use media gallery component on static public pages too

* Pause video when hiding it

* Full-screen sizing on WebKit

* Add aria labels to video player buttons

* Display link card on public status page

* Fix fullscreen from modal sizing issue

* Remove contain: strict property to fix fullscreen from columns
2017-09-14 03:39:10 +02:00
ThibG af00220d79 Fix refollowing (#4931)
* Make RefollowWorker ActivityPub-only to avoid potential identifier mismatches

* Don't call RefollowWorker on new accounts
2017-09-14 00:05:25 +02:00
Eugen Rochko 9239e4ce4d Uploads for admin site settings (#4913)
* Improve OpenGraph tags for about pages

* Add thumbnail admin setting

* Fix error

* Fix up
2017-09-14 00:04:30 +02:00
m4sk1n 06f26e09b4 i18n: Update Polish translation (#4929)
Signed-off-by: Marcin Mikołajczak <>
2017-09-13 20:57:33 +02:00
Jeroen 331263270b Updating Dutch translation (#4927)
* Update

* Update nl.yml

* Update

* Update nl.json

* Update en.json

* Update en.json

* Update nl.json
2017-09-13 23:12:29 +09:00
MitarashiDango 283a5ec1a4 fix share intent. (#4926) 2017-09-13 15:20:03 +02:00
ThibG 550ff677da Fix ActivityPub handling of replies with WEB_DOMAIN (#4895) (#4904)
* Fix ActivityPub handling of replies when LOCAL_DOMAIN ≠ WEB_DOMAIN (#4895)

For all intents and purposes, `local_url?` is used to check if an URL refers
to the Web UI or the various API endpoints of the local instances. Those things
reside on `WEB_DOMAIN` and not `LOCAL_DOMAIN`.

* Change local_url? spec, as all URLs handled by Mastodon are based on WEB_DOMAIN
2017-09-13 14:22:16 +02:00
nullkal da77f65c46 Add instance search feature (#4925) 2017-09-13 12:30:07 +02:00
nullkal 9e2ff3ef71 Make instance names in into links to user list in the instance (#4924) 2017-09-13 11:34:07 +02:00
Eugen Rochko b9d241c6f5 Fix #4917 - Add missing suspend checks (#4921) 2017-09-13 11:05:02 +02:00
Eugen Rochko 56af04dbb4 Fix #4918 - Limit pinned toots to 5 (#4923) 2017-09-13 11:04:32 +02:00
abcang 60944d5dca Fix height cache (#4909) 2017-09-13 10:24:33 +02:00
Daigo 3 Dango 081f907f90 Specify libicu explicitly in Aptfile (#4920)
It seems libicu-dev no longer installs libicu55 needed by charlock_holmes.
2017-09-13 09:30:13 +02:00
ThibG f29918e707 [WiP] Whenever a remote keypair changes, unfollow them and re-subscribe to … (#4907)
* Whenever a remote keypair changes, unfollow them and re-subscribe to them

In Mastodon (it could be different for other OStatus or AP-enabled software),
a keypair change is indicative of whole user (or instance) data loss. In this
situation, the “new” user might be different, and almost certainly has an empty
followers list. In this case, Mastodon instances will disagree on follower
lists, leading to unreliable delivery and “shadow followers”, that is users
believed by a remote instance to be followers, without the affected user

Drawbacks of this change are:
1. If an user legitimately changes public key for some reason without losing
   data (not possible in Mastodon at the moment), they will have their remote
   followers unsubscribed/re-subscribed needlessly.
2. Depending of the number of remote followers, this may generate quite some
3. If the user change is an attempt at usurpation, the remote followers will
   unknowingly follow the usurper. Note that this is *not* a change of
   behavior, Mastodon already behaves like that, although delivery might be
   unreliable, and the usurper would not have known the former user's

* Rename ResubscribeWorker to RefollowWorker

* Process followers in batches
2017-09-12 23:10:40 +02:00
unarist af10c9fbff Add section for protocol specific information on the admin page (#4910)
This PR adds section for protocol specific information, then always show
both of OStatus and ActivityPub. Specifically, this will help admins to
check PuSH subscription status and unsubscribe manually, even `protocol`
has been changed.

This also includes below changes:

* Add `overflow: hidden` to prevent float leaking
* Add missing fields for ActivityPub
2017-09-12 23:06:10 +02:00
Eugen Rochko 8f8e677630 Clean up and improve generated OpenGraph tags (#4901)
- Return all images as og:image
- Return videos as og:image (preview) and og:video
- Return profile:username on profiles
2017-09-12 05:39:38 +02:00
Eugen Rochko 4931eac280 Fix nil error for old toots that don't have a conversation (#4900) 2017-09-12 00:57:18 +02:00
Eugen Rochko 881856553e Fix #4894 - Merge context hash into final JSON hash after key transform (#4898) 2017-09-12 00:16:18 +02:00