Write hexchat plugins in Rust! Experimental code will be pushed here first, release on bitbucket.

Updated 2 days ago

S(oni)Ex Chat / Security Enhanced (He)xChat. because, I'm just done, I'm forking the thing.

Updated 3 days ago

Scalie.Business fork of Mastodon

Updated 1 week ago

Generate passwords!

Updated 3 weeks ago

The Cybre.Space fork of Mastodon -- https://github.com/tootsuite/mastodon

Updated 1 month ago

Cryptographic Log extension for irkv3

Updated 1 month ago

Customized PeerTube for Dialup Express. 5120 Megabytes Free!

Updated 1 month ago

Cybre pinafore fork

Updated 2 months ago

The quick and easy dictionary builder for constructed languages.

Updated 3 months ago

Make secure communication easy and fun!

Updated 7 months ago