6005 Commits (cybrespace)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Andrew f64962e687 Merge branch 'feature_disable_reply_counts' into cybrespace 1 month ago
  Andrew 177e1d0fea Remove reply counts on non-expanded view 1 month ago
  Andrew 29c28c4573 Theme order and names 1 month ago
  Andrew d439ab6640 Merge branches 'dependency_whatinput', 'feature_512_char_toots', 'feature_cybrespace_locale', 'feature_doodlebox', 'feature_hotlink_twitter_mentions', 'feature_longer_bios', 'feature_machine_registration_task', 'branding_cybre' and 'theme_base' into cybrespace 1 month ago
  chr a0b19d31c4 Cybrespace dark theme 3 months ago
  Andrew 8efabda22b Floppy disk on public views 1 month ago
  chr ce1c3b9f7a 2.4.2rc2 except without the bad stuff 4 months ago
  Andrew 97d5a449f4 Update win95 theme for v2.5.0 1 month ago
  blackle 27056ca810 Set drawer__pager z-index to be greater than clippy (#23) 1 month ago
  chr 8663b7e718 Windows 95 theme 3 months ago
  chr 1ddc452bf6 Base SCSS for cybrespace themes 3 months ago
  Andrew fa257e2522 Cybre light for 2.5.0 1 month ago
  chr c4afbbee03 Cybrespace light theme 3 months ago
  chr 8d97ac8f5c Base SCSS for cybrespace themes 3 months ago
  chr b3b8aad667 Base SCSS for cybrespace themes 3 months ago
  chr 6926fca8ed Base SCSS for cybrespace themes 3 months ago
  Andrew 4234c0ba7b Feature: add a rake task that's like register but also accepts password 11 months ago
  nightpool 22f179f678 fix bio length autosizing 7 months ago
  Andrew 61183ac419 Feature: increase bio length to 413 characters 11 months ago
  Andrew 6f8d993788 Hotlink twitter mentions 10 months ago
  Andrew 4fbc1be3c4 Move doodle-relevant css into doodle css 10 months ago
  Andrew 001b4eacd4 Update doodlebox and compose form button layout 10 months ago
  Ondřej Hruška 05e23838ed Doodle improvements 2 (#176) 1 year ago
  Ondřej Hruška 0c4615fd76 Doodle palette, options, fill tool (#172) 1 year ago
  Ondřej Hruška d24d49a22d Fixed a bug where the canvas would get transparent bg upon erase 1 year ago
  Ondřej Hruška 04c5f29f58 Initial doodle support 1 year ago
  nightpool e0a0ef3f91 fix locale update for 2.3.x 7 months ago
  Andrew f367a8cd15 Add more timeline labels 4 months ago
  nightpool ce90b464ae en-cy: fix logged out locale 7 months ago
  nightpool 8513e1ba67 cybre-locale: new stings for 2.3.1 + datetime fixes 7 months ago
  nightpool a3a125f785 locale: normalize 7 months ago
  nightpool 6670face9c en-cy : manage translations 7 months ago
  nightpool ebb08ac05d add direct column to en-CY 7 months ago
  Andrew 92fd88db86 Feature: sublocale of english for the cybrespace customizations that apply to translateable text 11 months ago
  Andrew 23e54407e8 Feature: 512-character limit in the toot box on client and serverside 11 months ago
  Andrew 96fd9c345a Add whatinput dependency for more responsive focus styling 11 months ago
  chr 271850950b Use cybrespace repo url in getting started footer 4 months ago
  chr 0f674a42d8 Remove image file only used in cybre theme 4 months ago
  Andrew 58c8fd96b6 Add new panels to branding 4 months ago
  nightpool d3b281e857 hide header image w/o css 7 months ago
  Andrew 5c224d30c2 New landing page for 2.3 7 months ago
  Andrew 8665b93bed Cybrespace branding 11 months ago
  Eugen Rochko ccc2f608c5
Redirect from old authorize_follow path (#8584) 1 month ago
  Eugen Rochko b65a9b7243
Bump version to 2.5.0 1 month ago
  Eugen Rochko 14a300b428
Enable ro and ta locales in Rails (#8583) 1 month ago
  Eugen Rochko 78b89e7a5d
Weblate translations (2018-09-02) (#8582) 1 month ago
  Marcin Mikołajczak e1b79c69e1 i18n: Update Polish translation (#8581) 1 month ago
  Eugen Rochko e926811724
Fix nil error in admin_account_link_to helper (#8578) 1 month ago
  Eugen Rochko 447d733913
Update README.md 1 month ago
  Eugen Rochko dc8eb5305f
Weblate translations (2018-09-02) (#8577) 1 month ago