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  1. ---
  2. en-CY:
  3. simple_form:
  4. hints:
  5. account_warning_preset:
  6. text: You can use ping syntax, such as URLs, hashtags and mentions
  7. admin_account_action:
  8. send_email_notification: The user will receive an explanation of what happened with their account
  9. text_html: Optional. You can use ping syntax. You can <a href="%{path}">add warning presets</a> to save time
  10. type_html: Choose what to do with <strong>%{acct}</strong>
  11. warning_preset_id: Optional. You can still add custom text to end of the preset
  12. defaults:
  13. autofollow: People who sign up through the invite will automatically follow you
  14. avatar: PNG, GIF or JPG. At most %{size}. Will be downscaled to %{dimensions}px
  15. bot: This account mainly performs automated actions and might not be monitored
  16. context: One or multiple contexts where the filter should apply
  17. digest: Only sent after a long period of inactivity and only if you have received any personal messages in your absence
  18. discoverable_html: The <a href="%{path}" target="_blank">directory</a> lets people find accounts based on interests and activity. Requires at least %{min_followers} followers
  19. email: You will be sent a confirmation e-mail
  20. fields: You can have up to 4 items displayed as a table on your profile
  21. header: PNG, GIF or JPG. At most %{size}. Will be downscaled to %{dimensions}px
  22. inbox_url: Copy the URL from the frontpage of the relay you want to use
  23. irreversible: Filtered pings will disappear irreversibly, even if filter is later removed
  24. locale: The language of the user interface, e-mails and push notifications
  25. locked: Requires you to manually approve followers
  26. password: Use at least 8 characters
  27. phrase: Will be matched regardless of casing in text or content warning of a pings
  28. scopes: Which APIs the application will be allowed to access. If you select a top-level scope, you don't need to select individual ones.
  29. setting_aggregate_reblogs: Do not show new relays for pings that have been recently relayed (only affects newly-received relays)
  30. setting_default_language: The language of your pings can be detected automatically, but it's not always accurate
  31. setting_display_media_default: Hide media marked as sensitive
  32. setting_display_media_hide_all: Always hide all media
  33. setting_display_media_show_all: Always show media marked as sensitive
  34. setting_hide_network: Who you follow and who follows you will not be shown on your profile
  35. setting_noindex: Affects your public profile and status pages
  36. setting_theme: Affects how Mastodon looks when you're logged in from any device.
  37. username: Your username will be unique on %{domain}
  38. whole_word: When the keyword or phrase is alphanumeric only, it will only be applied if it matches the whole word
  39. imports:
  40. data: CSV file exported from another Mastodon instance
  41. sessions:
  42. otp: 'Enter the two-factor code generated by your phone app or use one of your recovery codes:'
  43. user:
  44. chosen_languages: When checked, only pings in selected languages will be displayed in public timelines
  45. labels:
  46. account:
  47. fields:
  48. name: Label
  49. value: Content
  50. account_warning_preset:
  51. text: Preset text
  52. admin_account_action:
  53. send_email_notification: Notify the user per e-mail
  54. text: Custom warning
  55. type: Action
  56. types:
  57. disable: Disable
  58. none: Do nothing
  59. silence: Silence
  60. suspend: Suspend and irreversibly delete account data
  61. warning_preset_id: Use a warning preset
  62. defaults:
  63. autofollow: Invite to follow your account
  64. avatar: Avatar
  65. bot: This is a bot account
  66. chosen_languages: Filter languages
  67. confirm_new_password: Confirm new password
  68. confirm_password: Confirm password
  69. context: Filter contexts
  70. current_password: Current password
  71. data: Data
  72. discoverable: List this account on the directory
  73. display_name: Display name
  74. email: E-mail address
  75. expires_in: Expire after
  76. fields: Profile metadata
  77. header: Header
  78. inbox_url: URL of the relay inbox
  79. irreversible: Drop instead of hide
  80. locale: Interface language
  81. locked: Lock account
  82. max_uses: Max number of uses
  83. new_password: New password
  84. note: Bio
  85. otp_attempt: Two-factor code
  86. password: Password
  87. phrase: Keyword or phrase
  88. setting_aggregate_reblogs: Group relays in timelines
  89. setting_auto_play_gif: Auto-play animated GIFs
  90. setting_boost_modal: Show confirmation dialog before relaying
  91. setting_default_language: Posting language
  92. setting_default_privacy: Post privacy
  93. setting_default_sensitive: Always mark media as sensitive
  94. setting_delete_modal: Show confirmation dialog before deleting a ping
  95. setting_display_media: Media display
  96. setting_display_media_default: Default
  97. setting_display_media_hide_all: Hide all
  98. setting_display_media_show_all: Show all
  99. setting_expand_spoilers: Always expand pings marked with content warnings
  100. setting_hide_network: Hide your network
  101. setting_noindex: Opt-out of search engine indexing
  102. setting_reduce_motion: Reduce motion in animations
  103. setting_system_font_ui: Use system's default font
  104. setting_theme: Site theme
  105. setting_unfollow_modal: Show confirmation dialog before unfollowing someone
  106. severity: Severity
  107. type: Import type
  108. username: Username
  109. username_or_email: Username or Email
  110. whole_word: Whole word
  111. interactions:
  112. must_be_follower: Block notifications from non-followers
  113. must_be_following: Block notifications from people you don't follow
  114. must_be_following_dm: Block direct messages from people you don't follow
  115. notification_emails:
  116. digest: Send digest e-mails
  117. favourite: Send e-mail when someone favourites your status
  118. follow: Send e-mail when someone follows you
  119. follow_request: Send e-mail when someone requests to follow you
  120. mention: Send e-mail when someone mentions you
  121. reblog: Send e-mail when someone relays your status
  122. report: Send e-mail when a new report is submitted
  123. 'no': 'No'
  124. required:
  125. mark: "*"
  126. text: required
  127. 'yes': 'Yes'