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kɜ:ʳ cybredragon 9f593a36ad Cybrespace locale 2 years ago
admin Add IP-based rules (#14963) 2 years ago
accounts_helper.rb Fix punycode being rendered instead of unicode in some places (#13030) 3 years ago
application_helper.rb Fix `ku` locale not being right-to-left (#15252) 2 years ago
domain_control_helper.rb Fix whitelist federation for subdomains (#12435) 3 years ago
flashes_helper.rb Clean up flash display in views (#2336) 6 years ago
home_helper.rb Fix use of inline CSS in public pages (#13576) 3 years ago
instance_helper.rb Change OpenGraph description on sign-up page to reflect invite (#11744) 3 years ago
jsonld_helper.rb Bump json-ld-preloaded from 3.0.2 to 3.0.3 (#11316) 3 years ago
routing_helper.rb Fix ruby 2.7 warnings about keyword parameters (#12824) 3 years ago
settings_helper.rb Cybrespace locale 2 years ago
statuses_helper.rb Change RTL detection to rely on unicode-bidi paragraph by paragraph (#14573) 2 years ago
webfinger_helper.rb Remove dependency on goldfinger gem (#14919) 2 years ago