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wtf is this

I'm gonna try to use die-based generators to come up with details and ideas for a story based on the Essence magic system.

initial story idea

in this world, the planet itself has essence that can be shaped by people to create lasting effects like lights and simple machinery. everyone knows how to use their essence but there are some who have trouble, for instance our main character. basically, the idea is that some friends or something have to go on a journey to find why the planet's essence is growing weaker. turns out some bad people(?) are developing a way to extract essence from the planet instead of just manipulating it, which is more powerful but expels the essence instead.

so i guess it's a story about renewable energy and the folly of continuing to use fossil fuels? but with soul magic? i don't know, dude, that's not what i originally intended as i was thinking of it but that's more "moral" than any other story i've ever come up with so it's fine.



  • quick details
  • travel encounters
    • instead of races, use approximations for appearance, i.e. dwarfs are short or stocky, elves are tall or waifish, etc.

character relationships