gajim, but with plural-affirmative aliases to the `/me` command
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Windows Installer

We use msys2 for creating the Windows installer and development on Windows.


Download msys2 (msys2-x86_64-xxx.exe) and follow the install instructions on the msys2 startpage (Important!)

  • Fork the master branch on
  • Execute C:\msys64\msys2_shell.cmd -mingw64
  • Run pacman -S git to install git
  • Run git clone
  • Run cd gajim/win to end up where this README exists.
  • Execute ./ to install all the needed dependencies.
  • Now go to the git root dir cd ..
  • Launch Gajim ./

Build Gajim / Creating an Installer

Follow the steps in the Development section, but instead of ./ execute ./

You can supply a git tag ./ [git-tag].

Or dont supply it, then current HEAD is build.

Both the installer and the portable installer should appear in C:\msys64\home\USER\gajim\win\_build_root.