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Xenon Fiber a7b4a187f2 up version to v0.0.2 1 year ago
Xenon Fiber 59aa27c2aa create separate options for likes, dislikes, and ratings bars 1 year ago
Rigel Kent 2d3de7d1b0
add filters for common and video-watch scopes, for view counts, replies and likes 2 years ago
Rigel Kent a09c609dd2
(webpack) adding build script command 2 years ago
Chocobozzz 9061aabe2b Merge branch 'master' into 'master' 2 years ago
Rigel Kent e5fda80e7b (webpack) adding webpack for dependencies bundling, .gitignore and .npmignore 2 years ago
Chocobozzz 664761b26c
Add other options to library register function 2 years ago
Chocobozzz 18e6c6e6d3
Add translations 2 years ago
Chocobozzz 85c0114b5f
Add license 2 years ago
Chocobozzz 00b36e811b
First commit 2 years ago