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Yamagishi Kazutoshi bdcc9e2ceb Add missing Japanese translations (#4947) 5 years ago
environments Set fallback address when empty notification address (#4868) 5 years ago
initializers Enable to recognize most kinds of characters as URL paths (#4941) 5 years ago
locales Add missing Japanese translations (#4947) 5 years ago
webpack Disable babel-loader cache when development environment (#4684) 5 years ago
application.rb Revert unique retry job (#4937) 5 years ago
boot.rb Adds bootsnap. Faster boot time (#3176) 6 years ago
brakeman.ignore Update status embeds (#4742) 5 years ago
database.yml fix unnecessary variable (#3947) 6 years ago
deploy.rb Update Capistrano lock version in config/deploy.rb (#4352) 5 years ago
environment.rb Make PreviewCard records reuseable between statuses (#4642) 5 years ago
i18n-tasks.yml Shorten display of large numbers on public profiles (#4711) 5 years ago
navigation.rb Fix up the applications area (#4664) 5 years ago
puma.rb Do not set port for puma if it is bound to unix socket (#2289) 6 years ago
routes.rb Embed modal (#4748) 5 years ago
secrets.yml Upgrade to Rails 6 years ago
settings.yml Default follows for new users (#4871) 5 years ago
sidekiq.yml Periodically remove expired PuSH subscribers (#4654) 5 years ago
webpacker.yml Fix webpack-dev-server on Windows (#4000) 6 years ago