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kɜ:ʳ cybredragon 9cd0511ba9 Bio length -> 413 characters 1 year ago
controllers Provide a link to existing domain block when trying to block an already-blocked domain (#10663) 6 months ago
fabricators Add "why do you want to join" field to invite requests (#10524) 7 months ago
features rubocop issues - Cleaning up (#8912) 1 year ago
fixtures Export and import show_reblogs together with following list (#10495) 7 months ago
helpers Add specs for action log helper (#9605) 8 months ago
lib Fix Keybase verification using wrong domain for remote accounts (#10547) 7 months ago
mailers Add invite request to pending account notification e-mail (#10528) 7 months ago
models Bio length -> 413 characters 5 months ago
policies Redesign admin instances area (#9645) 10 months ago
presenters Admission-based registrations mode (#10250) 8 months ago
requests Redesign landing page (#10232) 8 months ago
routing Move create/destroy actions for api/v1/statuses to namespace (#3678) 2 years ago
serializers/activitypub Improved remote thread fetching (#10106) 8 months ago
services Prevent from publicly boosting one's own private toots (#10775) 5 months ago
support Remove empty strings (#5732) 2 years ago
validators Fix “invited by” not showing up for invited accounts in admin interface (#10791) 5 months ago
views Redesign landing page (#10232) 8 months ago
workers Improved remote thread fetching (#10106) 8 months ago
rails_helper.rb Disable Same-Site cookie implementation to fix SSO issues on WebKit browsers (#9819) 10 months ago
spec_helper.rb Disable simplecov on CircleCI (#7416) 1 year ago