7192 Комити (cybrespace)

Аутор SHA1 Порука Датум
  nightpool 40bd7a4282 don't send spammy mentions пре 11 месеци
  nightpool c296d35be4 show warning message for locked account пре 11 месеци
  nightpool 1a6bdd61e9 Use git commit hash as part of the cache key пре 11 месеци
  kɜ:ʳ cybredragon 2b52b458e6 Restore timeline пре 1 година
  kɜ:ʳ cybredragon 6fe1660669 Remove extra stats block пре 1 година
  kɜ:ʳ cybredragon 5610587046 Query пре 1 година
  kɜ:ʳ cybredragon bfef28dd9f Merge branch 'theme_light' into cybrespace пре 1 година
  nightpool 600c7b2377 fix full-width embeds and light theme embeds пре 1 година
  kɜ:ʳ cybredragon a8284b65aa Merge branch 'theme_win95' into cybrespace пре 1 година
  kɜ:ʳ cybredragon 8da4fc973b Merge branch 'theme_light' into cybrespace пре 1 година
  kɜ:ʳ cybredragon fe2b7be467 Merge branch 'theme_cybre' into cybrespace пре 1 година
  kɜ:ʳ cybredragon 063b2e2b2d Merge branch 'theme_base' into cybrespace пре 1 година
  kɜ:ʳ cybredragon 1875aa0946 Merge branches 'dependency_whatinput', 'feature_512_char_toots', 'feature_cybrespace_locale', 'feature_disable_reply_counts', 'feature_hotlink_twitter_mentions', 'feature_longer_bios' and 'feature_machine_registration_task' into cybrespace пре 1 година
  kɜ:ʳ cybredragon ac21ecade8 Windows 95 theme пре 1 година
  kɜ:ʳ cybredragon e848f34584 Poll support пре 1 година
  kɜ:ʳ cybredragon 59c00e0ba4 Cybrespace light theme пре 1 година
  nightpool d74455b0aa remove duplicate border radi пре 1 година
  kɜ:ʳ cybredragon 7a141e6522 fix full-width embeds пре 1 година
  kɜ:ʳ cybredragon 57560336d7 Cybrespace theme (dark) пре 1 година
  kɜ:ʳ cybredragon d3de5513c8 Use lighter text for show thread link пре 1 година
  kɜ:ʳ cybredragon d902bbab25 Fix unnecessary scrollbar on compose drawer пре 1 година
  kɜ:ʳ cybredragon 739e64d2a9 Fix media height weirdness, handle new status cards пре 1 година
  chr f38a43506c Base SCSS for cybrespace themes пре 1 година
  Andrew 338b03bdfe Feature: add a rake task that's like register but also accepts password пре 2 година
  kɜ:ʳ cybredragon 9cd0511ba9 Bio length -> 413 characters пре 1 година
  Andrew ba09c275dd Hotlink twitter mentions пре 2 година
  Andrew b1f762fffe Remove reply counts on non-expanded view пре 1 година
  kɜ:ʳ cybredragon ab4353082e Cybrespace locale пре 1 година
  Andrew 3b389dbc50 Feature: 512-character limit in the toot box on client and serverside пре 2 година
  Andrew 3dbf9e8a34 Add whatinput dependency for more responsive focus styling пре 2 година
  kɜ:ʳ cybredragon 555013b54d Restore 2.7 landing page пре 1 година
  kɜ:ʳ cybredragon 610871c82d Cybrespace branding changes пре 1 година
  Eugen Rochko 370ec7e771 Bump version to 2.8.3 пре 1 година
  ThibG 9222c26e19 Fix “invited by” not showing up for invited accounts in admin interface (#10791) пре 1 година
  Hinaloe 94439a1da7 fix `isSubmitting` prop case (#10785) пре 1 година
  ThibG a6815a7578 Add post-deployment migration script to delete public-boosts-of-private-toots (#10783) пре 1 година
  Ben Lubar d587a943a5 add og:image:alt for media attachments in embeds (#10779) пре 1 година
  ThibG 3c27687a6e Prevent from publicly boosting one's own private toots (#10775) пре 1 година
  ThibG ee17d81b8a Minor performance improvements and cleanup in formatter (#10765) пре 1 година
  Neil Moore 9e95af3391 Adds click-able div that expands status (#10733) (#10766) пре 1 година
  nzws 91e25a20ce Fix some colors in light theme (#10754) пре 1 година
  ThibG 47e0928c5b Change icon and label depending on whether media is marked as sensitive (#10748) пре 1 година
  Maciek Baron c407a4edf8 Improve poll link accessibility (#10720) пре 1 година
  Jeong Arm 7a6464bea0 Bring back crossed eye icon on gallery (#10715) пре 1 година
  nzws 9679ec4fcb Fix some colors of high contrast theme (#10711) пре 1 година
  ThibG b40dfc124b Add description on hover in media gallery (#10713) пре 1 година
  Eugen Rochko 2508370f44
Bump version to 2.8.2 (#10703) пре 1 година
  Marek Ľach fc192b882f Minor Slovak locale update (#10705) пре 1 година
  Aditoo17 b7741ed732 I18n: Update Czech translation 🇨🇿 (#10704) пре 1 година
  Baptiste Gelez 21209c2b52 Make sure the instance banner is never cropped (#10702) пре 1 година