Robbie Antenesse Alamantus

An OversimplifiedJS game for the 2016 LowRez Jam (

Updated 2019-02-13 21:36:35 +01:00

I don't know why I'm doing this. This isn't going to go anywhere. Anyway, this will be a wiki-styled collection of documents with maps and relationships generated by dice. Maybe something will come of it.

Updated 2020-10-18 06:11:39 +02:00

An attempt at a viable alternative to Goodreads (Mirror: Main repo on GitLab)

Updated 2022-08-28 21:45:55 +02:00

Make secure communication easy and fun!

Updated 2018-02-23 00:42:51 +01:00

A digital give-a-book, take-a-book library for ebooks

Updated 2020-02-12 00:44:46 +01:00

A light-as-possible rewrite of Lexiconga

Updated 2019-05-29 00:05:54 +02:00

The quick and easy dictionary builder for constructed languages.

Updated 2023-03-04 04:48:55 +01:00

カードス! is a collectible card game where merging cards can lead to powerful outcomes.

Updated 2019-08-02 00:41:22 +02:00